Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Observation: Are we better or worse off in the 21 century

Look at all we have accomplished, it is incredible when we look back at how far we have come along. 
We have managed to discover and name diseases such as cancer, and aids that didn't exist in the past centuries.  We have welcomed variety of electronic devices into our lives and as a result we have managed to have less time to spend with each other.  We now use "smart" as an adjective to describe objects, e.g. smart grid and as a result see the need for smart person diminish, use "big" as an adjective to describe data, e.g. big data.  Being in the cloud is no longer considered to be removed from reality, instead doing business in the cloud has become a trend.

As we are closing in on the second decade of twenty first century, I am interested in high lighting the significant inventions that are differentiate setters for the future generation similar to advent of penicillin in the 20th century.  I'd be posting them here interleaved with the usual content of book reviews. If you stop by and are reading this and have a favorite 21st century invention you can leave me a note here. 

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