Saturday, November 25, 2006

Last night I saw Casino Royale. The story lacked the light heartedness of previous bond movies. Granted, it's always about chasing the money until it is out of the hands of the bad guys. But, this one had just too many gory scenes, the action scenes were incredibly physical as opposed to clever--we actually watch him as he suffocates a couple of the bad guys.

On the pro side, I really liked watching the poker game embedded in the movie. Daniel Craig makes a real good bond. I really like his chiseled face and his smile. His arrogance is becoming him. Does he do his own stunts?! The opening chase is by far the most fantastic fight/chase choreography of the entire movie.

Overall a good candidate to watch on big screen!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Marketing Ads

Whoever comes up with these marketing slogans should receive the "foot in the mouth" prize of the year--I am not kidding there is such a prize. You don't believe me do a google on it.

My favorites are:

  • Innovation. Available right off the shelf. Mix n match for your business!

  • Unlocking the incredible potential of people through Internet connectivity.

Since when innovation has become so ubiquitous and easy to achieve that you can mix n match them? And how on earth can Internet connectivity unlock the incredible potential of people?

Granted these slogans are meant to be eye catchers but they shouldn't sound so shallow or should they?