Sunday, October 31, 2010

Comedians hold rally in Washington D.C.

I should have laughed, but I didn't. Instead, as I read more about the recent rally in Washington D.C. organised by eminent comedians, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, I became more worried about the state USA is in today!

On the surface, this appears as a harmless, let's-poke-fun-at-ourselves type of event, but beyond the surface, I find that this event highlights a disturbing fact; The United States of America's domestic and foreign policies are failing!

This event is the 21st century's, a century overloaded with redundant information, "amplified" by media, way of dealing with looming "Depression" in the U.S.

The event has a noble message, let's compromise! If we cannot agree on "Peace Train" or "Crazy Train", let's come together for the sake of "Love". This is the strongest, non-partisan, call to action I have heard from United States of America in such a long time!

The question is: can those thousands gathered in Washington D.C.'s National Mall, cheering for this rally deliver on this message.

Can America's divide to conquer foreign policy, intrusion in developing and third world countries' domestic affairs to gain access to natural resources or to strengthen strategic power in the area, take a turn for "Love"?

Can America's out of control greed, paying billions of dollars in compensation to the top executives on Wall Street, take a turn for creating equal opportunities for all Americans?

I can only HOPE!