Saturday, March 17, 2012

A closet organization system: DIY or not?

Around this time of the year, Spring, I clean the entire house, top to bottom. It's a long standing tradition going from generation to generation in our family who believe to celebrate the Spring, and the Iranian New Year, No Rooz, one got to clean the house. Every year as a result of Spring cleaning an idea for improving the space I live in springs in my head. This year's idea is to get my closet organized!

Currently, I have a plastic, hanging, shoe organizer, to separate my shoes, and an IKEA hanging accessory, socks and belt organizer to separate smaller things. There is wall to wall wire rack that is uncomfortably out of reach, and because of this I often, when in a rush, toss sweaters, and T-Shirts up there without proper folding. There is only one rod that spans from one end of the closet to the other. I have boxes, an old computer, and suit cases stored in the closet along side clothes.

It's not optimal.

I watched a couple of youtube videos on how-to organize and how to install an organization system.

I learned from the first video that there are things I can do that doesn't require a lot of money, and time and will make my closet look more organized.

  • Use the right type of hanger for slacks, suits and shirts
  • Hang the clothes from dark to light color and from solid to pattern
  • Hang the long sleeved shirts first then the short and then the slacks

The second video: was fun to watch! Installing a laminate closet organization system is however a job for the pros. And I am not sure, the material, time requirements, and learning curve justifies the fun and saving realized from DIY.

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