Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Help

A page turner. Although, I am as concerned as Ms. Stockett herself is to read a story about the "people of color" from the perspective of a white woman, but my worry soon is replaced by a great sense of curiosity. I meet Hilly Hollbrook, Eugene Skeeter Phelan, Elizabeth Leeflot, Aibleen, Minny Jackson, Celia Foot and learn about their lives, goals, intentions, personalities and each sure has a big story to tell one that keeps you absorbed and flipping the pages quickly. The story takes place in Jackson, Mississippi, during a highly conservative time of American history, where the integration of white people with people of color was violently frowned upon. Yet, I don't believe it is the intention of the author to depict history through this story. She is a storyteller. A very good one as a matter of fact. She keeps it interesting by adding enough suspense to each of these characters. And I like that she is an optimist and ends on a high note.

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