Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Prosperity: what does it mean to you?

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most prosper of them all?

Is it the healthy?

Is it the wealthy?

Or the successful?

Prosperity! How many times have you heard this word in the past couple of weeks? This time of the year we wish our friends, family and loved ones a prosper New Year over and over again. What do we exactly mean by that?

A prosper person is someone who has it all; who has health, wealth and success. [to the audience] Do you all agree that this is a good definition for prosperity? Visualize yourself: with a lot of money, a healthy body and a successful career. How would you feel seeing yourself in this person's shoes? Prosper? Hell, ya, I would! After all what else is there to want.

I strive everyday to achieve a little bit --just a little bit-- of each of these. I go to bed every night thinking about which path can get me the successful career, tons of money and a toned, healthy body faster? I make five, three, and one year wish lists every year, in fact I do it just around this time of the year. Then I write them down on a piece of a paper in a notebook, because I read in Keith Ferrazi's book, Never Eat Alone, that, "An unwritten wish is just a dream."...and you know how dreams are, you may or may not remember them the next day!

Back to my statement: How would I feel seeing myself having all three? Excellent; but, for one year, or maybe two years. After the third year I am gonna feel BORED! Yep, you heard me right. BORED! I will start missing making career plans. With all the money I have, I will probably be eating at the "best" restaurants in town. Sounds superb. But no food is as healthy as the food one makes at home. The point I am trying to make is after a few years of this superb life, I will stop feeling prosper anymore.

Oh, I know what the problem is, I have them all --that leaves me with nothing more to want. Human beings always "want" something. "Want" is the compass in our lives. Without it we will be lost!

Well, the solution is to have one of the three, so that I still have something left to strive for --sort of a motivation to get up the next day. But which one? That's the topic for another blog. :)

To wrap this one up, I want to conclude by leaving you with something to reflect upon: explore your relationship with any of these three goals, health, wealth and success and see to which you can relate more.

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