Saturday, December 15, 2007

2007 review and 2008 preview

Reflecting on the year that passed, the 365 days that were granted and what was done with each day ... personally I achieved an intangible goal. The world of knowledge around us condition us to look (not necessarily see) hear (not necessarily listen) at many things in a short span of time. To be in control of the stimuli around, was my number one priority in the year that passed. I can say that I have become 10% better. Less clutter has created clarity and focus for me.

Professionally, I strived to experiment with different technologies directly affecting the product that I am working on. The most eminent was to improve consumability of the product by adding a customer perspective to any new product feature. The number of products loaded with features but unable to properly function the basic operation attest to loss of feedback during the product development and design cycle. If Agile methodology achieves the theory that it is based on --LEAN-- we may see a boost in hours spent on creating rather than maintaining. In short it will create a happier (less disgruntled by having to debug problems that should have been detected) work force and less stressful work environment.

Artistically, I continued dancing. It was an honor to be able to learn from the talented artists this city contains for yet another year.

In the coming year, as a system we will continue to make mistakes. The world around us will continue to suffer from another year of lack of respect and tolerance for differences. The only hope for us, global village dwellers, is project green. Being conscious of the environment and nature can provide all a neutral platform to make peace amongst us and with the planet.

Wishing you all a GREAT 2008!

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