Monday, March 06, 2006

Where are you from?

With the current rate of immigration one is bound to see people from her own home country on some corner of the city one now calls home. I am also an immigrant and have chosen to call a new country and city home. I pass by and glance at many people on my daily commute, but somehow it is different when the features of the other suggests he or she might be a compatriot --I feel a sense of familiarity.

... well deserved Oscar went to Crash for the best movie of the year. The movie depicted eloquently cultural differences in a series of intertwined stories that had just the right amount of drama!

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Artmis said...

Visda Jan,
I share your idea and feeling both about immigration and Crash.
I think it WAS the best movie of the year and it was very well put together, the story, cast, editing and directing.
By the way I miss you and I hope we can meet in early future. ANy plans for a visit to the States, northern california in particular?