Monday, January 16, 2006

Cell Trio

The tiny square shaped object that the guy in the image is holding is called "Cell trio" --the revolutionary new chip designed from ground up for multimedia applications running on networks.

You console gamers out there will be ecstatic to know that Cell trio is promising to provide a much more improved 3-D graphics --this translates to amazing game experience, doesn't it? The first product to use this new chip is Sony PS3.
Now, I am not a fan of playing console games, in fact I admit I have never played! But it seems there is a big market demand for such enhancements that has initiated collaboration among the three giant hi-tech companies, Sony, IBM and Toshiba to shell out $400 million to bring this chip to the market.
This is a significantly good start for the New Year for the chip industry since this chip is using the 32-nanometer technology --meaning the width of the smallest circuit wire on the chip is 32-nanometer. Amazing!

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